Trauma Related Services

Many people experience trauma and need assistance to resolve the impact on their lives.  We specialize in the prevention and treatment of violence in our community.

Therapists provide specialized services for:

  • Survivors of sexual abuse and other childhood traumas
  • Families impacted by sexual violence
  • Children, teens and adults who are currently experiencing trauma such as domestic violence, sexual or other forms of abuse
  • Individuals who are experiencing current problems related to past trauma that they experienced personally or witnessed such as abuse, natural disasters, or other events
  • Coordination of services with other treatment providers as necessary

Please visit our MCPST Therapists page and the individual pages of our therapists to learn more about which of our clinicians may be of assistance to you with the issues you are addressing.

Explore our website to learn more about appointments, paying for services, MCPST forms, contacting us and other important information.

If you have further questions, please contact our Administrative Manager Sarah who will be of assistance to you.  You may reach her at (608) 237-8000 x 3. Sarah’s email is